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Sony Releases Tablets P and S - Rivals Ipad

Finally, Sony - one of the electronic gadget leaders, also made their mark in the Tablet world. Releasing two Sony tablet pc's S and P this September 2011 Sony have placed their bid to win the tide. Sony has always won the hearts of millions with PSP , Playstation, Vaio Laptops and Bravia Televisions. Now their late entry into the tablet industry signifies two things.

They have taken the time to focus on quality: The Sony tablet is the only one company currently able to challenge the quality and style of iPad. Quality is what made Apple iPad to stand against the numerous tablets released every month by almost all electronic companies. It's sure that Sony tablets are the only models that can win some iPad users to Android.

The Tablet era has only begun: Although many companies have released their own tablet versions. It's not pretty much finished yet, in fact not even started. The tablet industry has a lot to grow. It has a long and bright future. Recently, Govt. of India have announced plans to distribute 35$ laptops to students in rural area. The Tablet Pc's combined with Androids can work wonders in the world. Again, android have grown so high that even NASA have trailed to run robots with android devices. All these signifies, the late but good start of the Sony Tablets is just another entry in to the starting point of tablet race.

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