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Hadoop The Definitive Guide [Book] - Study Notes

Chap-1- Meet Hadoop

Requirement and adoption in yahoo.A framework that can scale to the web.Map and Reduce acitivity and features like data locality.Can be applied with a variety of algorithmsHuge data processing can beat good algorithms

Chap-2 - MapReduce

The Map Java class and Reducer Java classThe Job java classJobtracker and tasktrackerHadoop reduces the input to input splits or just splitsMap tasks write the intermediate output to local disks, so that they can be discarded after use.Outputs of Reduce tasks are stored in HDFSCombiner function can be run on map output, and the combiner functions output forms the input to the reduce functionHadoop streaming proivide hadoop apis in languages other than Java

Chap-3 - The Hadoop Distributed Filesystem

Fault tolerant solution. Same data written at multiple places.Filesystems that manage the storage across a network of machines are called distributed filesystems.Blocks - a block size is the minimum amount of data it can read and write (for hd…

How To Publish An Apple Watch App To The AppStore

The Apple Watch launch is almost nearing at the time of writing this article. I'm all excited and ready to submit my first Apple Watch compatible application to the AppStore. I'll write down my learning experience here so that you can publish your own Apple Watch application to the app store. I'll do this step by step, as the work of my current app progress. This article will be updated over time until I reach the final step to see it live in the AppStore.

Step 1 : Make the iPhone Part of the Apple Watch

An Apple Watch app is not much different from an iPhone app. In fact, it is a sub-part of the main iPhone application running on the iPhone and the Watch App merely acts as the extension of the parent app in the iPhone. So essentially, need an iPhone app anyway. In this scenario, I'm thinking of building an app that will be useful both on iPhone as well as the Apple Watch, instead of solely focusing on the the Apple Watch aspect. The app will be very simple, but all it h…