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I'm Live Blogging : Polymer, Webcomponents - Google Developer Group Trivandrum DevFest 2014


Started (by +Arun Shanker Prasad ) with a slight intro and kicked-off with an overview of a data science application that was built by the Qburst (Company) team. And then moved over to Web Components and Polymer.

Parser Combinators for Event Detection

Presenter : +Navin Philip , Associate Architect, Qburst

A beautiful project data-crunching app that utilises the Theory of Computation to verify and quantify different hypothesis and give useful results. Had a quick demo. d

Web Components
Presenter : Shyam, Qburst

Why Web Components?

You could import/export encapsulated custom components. There are 4 main technologies in web components.

Make a Facebook like button without importing javascript.
Include maps in a page.

Polymer , X-tags( (Mozzila), Bosonic (Independent) 


New templating tags in html.

HTML Imports

Loads custom element and resoureces
In node.js
npm  install -g vulcanize

Shadow DOM

This a component that brings in the concept of Encapsulation in html. These elements exist but are not a part of the DOM. Have you ever wondered how the video tag works behind the scene? It uses Shadow DOM.

Scoped CSS!!!+encapsulated markup

<div class=“widget”>Hello, world</div>
var host  = document.querySelector(“.widget”);
host. createShadowRoot();
root.innerHTMLL - “<em> I’m inside yr div!</em>"

Custom Elements

Element prototype must inherit from HTMLElement
there are things like HTMLUnknownElements that swallows the error when u declare undefined errors
Custom Elements vs AngularJS
CE is similar to directives provided by AngualarJS. AngularJS version 2.0 will be using web components.
<tabs>.. </tabs> //invalid elements
<x-tabsx>.. <x-tabs> //Valid elements

Polymer : The future of web development ?
Presenter :Google - +Vijay Dev , Twitter- @vijaydevin
What are Web Components?
Is an umbrella four four different technologies (explained above). 
Have tags like : 
  • <core-toolbar>...</core-toolbar>
  • <paper-tabs>...<paper-tabs>
  • <super-button>
  • <super-textarea>

Implement functionalities like scroll till the end of agreement on clicking 'I agree' button. (Eg; The feature in android playstore). 

Most browsers are yet to catch up with webcomps ( excepet opera, firefox and chrome) and would take a long time. Thats where Polymer comes in. 

Polyfills Web Components with webcomponents.js ( previously platform.js ). 

  • Sugaring: Templates
  • Sugaring: Custom Elements
  • Sugaring: Shadow Elements
  • Sugaring: HTML Imports

Define custom tabs
  • <animated-pages>
  • <menu-button>
  • <page-scaffolde>

Map App Example 
  • Demoed an app like google apps, designed with 
  • <core-toolbar>
  • <core-header-panel flex>

Paper -Elements 
Make interfaces we see in Android Lollipop
  • <paper-elements>
  • <paper-input>

  • ::shadow
  • /deep/
  • With ::shadow and /deep/ you can apply sitewide themes

Similar topics 
Mozilla Brick

Good resources to checkout: 
  • polycasts (Video of what people are doing with polymer
  • YO POLYMER (Auto generate a lot of code)
  • seed-element ( Create basic, your own element)
  • Chrome Dev Editor

Good Web components to checkout
  • <app-router>
  • <page-er>
  • <ajax-form>

Github is using web components. All timestamps are custom elements. 
Rating , accordian

GDG Trivandrum Web :


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