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I'm Live Blogging : AndroidWear and Good Programming Practices - Google Developer Group Trivandrum DevFest 2014

Android Wear Notifications done for android apps will automatically come to the AndroidWear without any extra coding.

Main UI

Stacks Pages - Multiple Glancable PagesReplies - Via Voice Commands etc
Development Option

Make Apps Specifically For AndroidWear
Most apps will have a companion app in wear and main app in phone.

SOLID - Principles of OOP
Robert C. Martin ( Uncle Bob)

Agile Software Development: Principle, Patterns and Practices

Google compute engine There was a over view of less heard about technology - Docker. This is massively helpful for sys admins to spin up vm's and deploy quickly. Rapidly reduces the total turn around time. 


Blogs mentioned to read

I'm Live Blogging : Polymer, Webcomponents - Google Developer Group Trivandrum DevFest 2014

Overview Started (by +Arun Shanker Prasad ) with a slight intro and kicked-off with an overview of a data science application that was built by the Qburst (Company) team. And then moved over to Web Components and Polymer. Parser Combinators for Event DetectionPresenter :+Navin Philip , Associate Architect, Qburst
A beautiful project data-crunching app that utilises the Theory of Computation to verify and quantify different hypothesis and give useful results. Had a quick demo. d Web Presenter : Shyam, Qburst Why Web Components?You could import/export encapsulated custom components. There are 4 main technologies in web components.
Eg:  Make a Facebook like button without importing javascript. Include maps in a page.
Polymer , X-tags( (Mozzila), Bosonic (Independent)  TemplatingNew templating tags in html. <templating> </tempating> 
HTML ImportsLoads custom element and resoureces In node.js npm  install -g vulcanize g…

World's Most Affordable Telepresence Robot From India - The Making Of Angel

Demo Video:  Watch us showing a demo of Angel. Our colleague in Australia talking to us and navigating around at the same time. 
Update: We are taking limited pre-orders. If you are interested register here for a call back.
SlideShare :

Angel -  Is a Telepresence Robot that can be used to do video calling and navigation at the same time. While the least expensive telepresence robot in current market costs at least $2500 we managed to make it for $250.  This huge achievement was a result of long hours spent by a team of 3 members (and a lot of help from our colleagues) , thinking and trying out different possibilities to achieve this dream.

The controller will require two device ( one for making the video call, and one for controlling the device navigation). It's navigation control is done in javascript, so it can be controlled from any device/pc browser. The dashboard sample can be…

Places To Travel In Sydney - Day 3 - Blue mountains

Blue mountains is the most popular tourist attraction near Sydney. It is a considerably dense and hilly forest area. There are three beautiful mountain peaks standing close by and they are called the Three Sisters. It's the heart of Blue mountains where travelers flock from every part of the world to enjoy the scenic beauty.
However, for this trip we were fortunately accompanied by one of our colleagues who knew the place very well. In fact, in his 4x4 car we got to see several nearby places most of the tourists can't reach. I'll simply stop this post here and put up the photos of  the places in Bluemountains that caught my attention.

Places to travel in Sydney - Day 2 - Manly Beach, The Ferry Journey and the Long Walk

If you don’t know, water-transport is pretty popular in Australia. Around Sydney there are Ferry Stations to reach other points in the country. One such point of attraction where you can reach through the Ferry, is the ‘Manly beach’ . It takes a 40 minute long Ferry ride from Circular Quay ( very near to The Opera House). 

The Ferry JourneyWe had to take an initial 10 minute Ferry ride from Darling Harbour to reach the Circular Quay. There were all-day passes for 23$ available in the station, we get to use it any number of times in any bus or ferry for 24 hour. Once we reached the Circular Quay Ferry station we took the 40 minute long Ferry to the Manly beach. The journey was a beauty, we get to see the Opera house up close in a different view. The Ferry stops right near the manly beach. There is a 10 minutes walk to the beach.On the way there are several shops and activities that tourists would love to explore. Surfing, is a common activity in Manly beach, many shops nearby sell the a…

Places to travel in Sydney - Day 1 - The Opera House

If you are in Sydney the first place to see is the iconic Opera House. Does it take a whole-day visit? Well not really if you're in a rush, you could just have a glance and move on to other places like Botanical garden or Bondi beach. But if you have time and you love eating/drinking you've enough things to keep you pinned to the place for a day. There were two of us in the journey, and we started from our apartment in Pyrmont, Sydney.  Our journey started by 11 am . It was a 20 minutes walk. 
The hop-on hop-off buses every 10 minutes ( 40$ for 24 hour pass)
In Sydney there are red hop-on hop-off buses that circle through the main attractions in the city every 10 minutes. It costs 40$ for a 24 hours pass. You can hop-on and hop-off any number of times. We were tempted for the take one of those but we finally decided to take the walk and reach Opera. 

Walking to the places around the Opera House
It's better not to go near the Opera House as soon as you spot it. Keep it for late…