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How To Install Maven In Windows 7 64-bit

In today's programming culture it's essential to know some more stuffs apart from the language you code with. I learned the importance of this insight as I was flipping through the book 'Well Grounded Java Developer' . I've come across the title of this book several times only to overlook it meaning  in depth, murmuring 'Ha! another book for java newbie'. But it turned out that I was totally wrong and it taught me a lot about programming (including Java) and other things like test drivent development, build and continuous integration (maven) etc. All these were the buzz terms I've been hearing a lot for the last one year but left unlearned so far. The WGJD was an awesome start-off.
Maven, is one concept I got wrong from the beginning, we've bee using it at our work place as an eclipse plugin for around a year now and I was under the notion that it's 'just a plugin'. Later from the book I understood, maven is a continuous integration tool …

Hibernate Search Overview Tutorial

Hibernate Search enables your Java based web application to search huge number of records in the database in a very short timespan. It gives you the functionality as good as the big players like Google and Yahoo. Due to the vastness of information available today and the chaos it makes, a search box has become an integral part of any application that's launched now. The Hibernate search is designed with to work for such kind of scenarios. The best thing is, its easy to integrate. Once you learn the concepts, you can integrate it to your current application while you sip your coffee and see the results in seconds. The complex areas of search index creation, traversal etc are done by Hibernate search silently behing the scenes. is a typical example of a web application offering brilliant search service. Most of the time users don't know exactly what they are looking for, it's the search engines responsibility to "guess" the users mind with the most relev…