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Heroku Php Facebook Application Development Steps

Today I'm trying to develop a sample php facebook application demonstrated in  the book 'Facebook Application Development with Graph API Cookbook ' by Shaswanth Srivasthava and Apeksha Singh. It's a raw php code given in the book but I'm trying to implement it in Heroku. I've already set-up the basic heroku environment in my Linux system.

When I had to add new files to the existing project the following steps proved to be the solution

"In a nutshell, you will use git add to start tracking new files and also to stage changes to already tracked files, then git status and git diff to see what has been modified and staged and finally git commit to record your snapshot into your history. This will be the basic workflow that you use most of the time." Reference

Commands I used

git add . : As mentioned above, to add new files.git commit -am "--comment--" : To commit the changesgit push heroku : To push the committed changes to t…