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The Hindu Lies: Does Email Cause More Pollution To Environment?

The Hindu : Sci-Tech / Energy & Environment : Speaking of science - E-mails not all that ‘green'

I cant understand why such reputed newspapers get loaded with baseless articles nowadays. May be its time they hired people who are really familiar with technology and the internet when writing something about these areas. I was dumbfounded to see this article telling emails are not eco-friendly.

The Hindu thinks these companies like Google are IBM are one the verge to kill the world and pump out tonnes of C02 every day? Well, they are terribly mistaken. The efforts like 'Smarter planet' taken by IBM to improve renewable energy sources and Google's work that cost millions to support a greener planet( are very clear examples of what their environmental policies of such companies. How senseless it is to say that emails are destroying the planet. I doubt if all the emails sent worldwide over the last year were printed out in paper would there…