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Firefox Shortcuts A Webdesigner Must Know

For ages I've been dreaming of kick-starting 30 day challenges as matt-cutts do. And every month end I keep saying myself to start it off the 1st day of the coming month. Well it has been 4 months I had been thinking like that and now since I realized its not happening, I slightly changed my plan. Today, Oct 6th 2011, I begin my 30-day challenges. I'll try to take up a new simple challenge at the beginning of every month and keep doing it all 30 days till the month ends. And my first challenge is " Learn One Firefox Browser Shortcut a Day" - Operating the touchpad of a netbook to navigate while browsing is a nightmare. Learning browser shortcuts are the easiest workaround for this. Well I don't promise to learn exactly 30 shortcuts I've to see where it ends.It heavily boost up your navigation speed. I plan to study one shortcut a day from the Official Firfox Shortcuts link (for linux) and practice it initially 9 times, and then forever as I get used to it.

I'll write down the ones for the first 6 days ( including today's)

  1. F11- To toggle full screen display ( great for netbook users)
  2. Ctrl + L - To Accesss The Address Bar of your browser
  3. Ctrl + K - To Access The Search Box In Firefox
  4. Ctrl + R - To Reload a page 
  5. Ctrl + Shift + R - To override the cache and reload a page ( Really helpful for webdesigners) 
  6. Alt + 1,2,..8 - To access the open tabs (Ctrl + 1,2,..8 in Windows)

I'll try to keep updating the list every week or so :). ( or at the month end perhaps).

Updating (Nov 4th): Okay I've learned a lot and now I can almost do the entire browsing without using a mouse.

 7.Ctrl+Shift+Delete - To clear your browser history quickly
 8.Ctrl+T - To open a new tab
 9.Ctrl+W - To close the current tab
10.Ctrl+N - To open a new window
11.Ctrl+J - To view download list
12. Alt Right/Left Arrow - To go back and fourth a page
13. Ctrl+B - To view bookmark menu on sidebar
14. Ctrl+H - To view  history menu as sidebar
15. F12- To open firebug ( a webpage debugging tool for web programmers) if you've installed that plugin.
16. Ctrl+F - To find a text on the webpage
17. / - To do a quick search

Okay, those are the major ones. I think I've covered the most of it.

I also found some cool usage techniques to enhance the browsing experience for some websites. Eg:
While googling for something I used to use my mouse to bring the cursor to the search box. A recent exploration showed me that we could just start typing after loading google and it automatically focuses into the text box.

Wish you a good November ahead!


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