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Buy Google Tv In India for 99$ From Amazon

Buy Google Tv In India for 99$ From Amazon

A cool offer from amazon. One of the best trusted online shoppin sites from amazon. The price for Google TV from Logitech Revue In India was reduced due to heavy competition from the Internet Television market. Yet this is a piece of marvel from technology. The Google Tv from Logitech have sold more than 5 Million units worldwide. Google have recently decided to update the software for Google Tv to support the Android Honeycomb applications. It signifies the commitment of Google towards Internet Tv and its potential in the coming year.

Although several products are already up in the market . They haven't yet been successful in merging both Internet and TV together. They've left the consumers with a choice of either Internet or Television. The Google TV is also available from Sony brand as a separate product. However, its a good deal to buy Google TV from Amazon for such a down to earth price of 99$.