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Book Review: One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka

These are really quick notes made while reading the book 'One Straw Revolution'. This book was written by a Japanese farmer and highly recommend read. 
It not only talks about natural farming, but also leading a simple way of life.

Modern life and science has only found solution to the problem they have created. A person living in nature doesn't need schooling, he needs it only when he has moved far from nature. Similarly, modern farming has only found solution to the problem they have created. It is like this.
A scientist read over thousands of journals and theory papers in his quest for inventions. And when he pause to find what is his quest it is 'inventing eyeglasses'.
Every farm balances itself out. Insects and plants are automatically balanced. 

Later in the book he also points out that crude oil is produced by plants being under high pressure of earth for millions of years and they turn into crude oil which are extracted, transported and processed. Eventually the…
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Building Autonomous Drone with Raspberry Pi and APM 2.8

I am a total newbie to hardware and was pushing my limits to see how far I can reach on with hardware projects (which sparked my interest lately). I have set out on a very ambitions mission to control a drone from raspberry pi.I began the research for this around 2 months ago and had brought a raspberry pi, drone body kit and apm flight controller. The key difference of this project from common drone projects is that I'm trying to avoid the use of and RC and instead use the raspberry pi to control it. 

Hardware Installation Setup:
I am using APM 2.8 and Mission Planner.I am using RPi 3 to control the APM 2.8 via Telem port of APMI am planning to power the apm via the battery to ESC (Electronic Speed Controllers)

Now, documenting my steps below:
Day 1Watch TutorialTo get started with APM flight controller, I watched this video tutorial [1] which gives a gentle introduction about APM board. 
Setup APM board and Calibrate SensorsI downloaded the APM Mission Planner software for mac and in…

Programming Raspberry Pi by Examples

Example 1: Programmatically controlling the LED

Join the Raspberry Pi Course (link) Implement LED connection in the course week 2 lecture (link) .

Example 2: Using the DHT11 - Humidity and Temperature Sensor with Raspberry Pi:
The example in Uugear (link) did not work because my DHT11 had the pins in different order the pins were marked + and - rather than S, V and G.

So I connected :

+ symbol in DHT11 ------> 3.3V- symbol in DHT11 ------> GNDout symbol in DHT11 ------>  pin GP4
Also I used this github library (easy to understand) :

Example 3: IR Controlling your TV and AC with Raspberry Pi
These 2 tutorial were followed to do this example:

1. (main)
2. (helped to resolve issues)
3. (to learn about IR reciever)


Datamining with Rattle for R - My Talk at GDG, Trivandrum 2015

Recently, I got a fantastic opportunity to be a speaker at Google Developers Fest 2015, Trivandrum. It was a wonderful topic I enjoyed learning and sharing.

Data Mining with R for Rattle :

And here is me on stage:

Learn Awesome Mnemonic Hacks and Help Build New Ones @

Mnemonics are cool techniques that are immensely helpful remembering facts. Be it
anything from spelling of english words to quantum physics, you can make a mnemonic to learn it. 

For example: 

The spelling of 'SEPARATE' is one of the the most commonly misspelled word in English language. 

"There is A RAT in sepARATe" - visualizing and remembering this sentence will help anyone recall the spelling of separate quickly without mistake. 

Another example is the spelling of 'necessary'Just remember the sentence 'Shirts have 1 collar and 2 sleeves' to avoid misspelling the number of 'c' and 's'. 

 It's a clever idea to keep these tricks under your sleeves to impress your friends or teachers with your new exceptional memory powers. 

A trick to recall the first10 element of periodic table is to just remember : "Henry Hester Likes Beer But CanNot Obtain Food Now"

Elements: Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium, Beryllium, Boron, Carbon, Nitrogen, Ox…

Data Mining & Analytics with R : Running R Scripts and Data Mining Techniques - Day 2

Warning: These are my messy study notes, much better legible notes can be found here
1. A Tour Thru Rattle
Transform Tab ( by no means near to the full power of underlying R) Data Mining Tabs - Cluster, Associate Model Log Tab  - Capture the corresponding R command Working from Left to Right on Tabs Remember to Click Execute Button'Save' -> Projects save the current state, all models etc.'Open' Projects can be restored at a later timeYou can even load it back to R 2. First R Program Load rattle and ggplot2
library(rattle)  # Provides the weather dataset  library(rattle)  # Provides the ggplot() function ggplot -> Grammar of Graphics : Just like english grammar or grammar of a computer language. A result of Hadley's Phd . Look him up to learn more details.
Then produce a plot using ggplot() # - tips on elegantly writing repeated code ds <- weather 
1. ggplot(ds, aes(x=MaxTemp, y=MinTemp)) + geom_point()
aes - aest…

Data Mining & Analytics with R : Introduction to R, RStudio and Rattle - Day 1

This is a blog post on a workshop I attended : a three-day hands-on Workshop on Data Mining & Analytics with R at Technopark, Trivandrum on 5th May 2015

Taught by :  Graham Williams - Senior Director and Data Scientist , Australia
Read About  - Literate Programming  - Literate Data Mining
Philosophy We are not writing program for the computer, it is written to share with other people. Everything that we write should be written for others. We should control the computer not vice versa. 
Introducing Data Science
Data Mining  Started in around 1989. Lego house - model - > not real but we get an idea. Data mining is all about building such models.
Analytics Descriptive Analytics - what happens , suggestions in Amazon Diagnostic Analytics - explain why the above happened Correlation and Causation - Find up people who ended up in hospital after taking a particular drug Predictive Analytics - machine learning and statistics model…