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Places To Travel In Sydney - Day 3 - Blue mountains

Blue mountains is the most popular tourist attraction near Sydney. It is a considerably dense and hilly forest area. There are three beautiful mountain peaks standing close by and they are called the Three Sisters. It's the heart of Blue mountains where travelers flock from every part of the world to enjoy the scenic beauty.
However, for this trip we were fortunately accompanied by one of our colleagues who knew the place very well. In fact, in his 4x4 car we got to see several nearby places most of the tourists can't reach. I'll simply stop this post here and put up the photos of  the places in Bluemountains that caught my attention.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Places to travel in Sydney - Day 2 - Manly Beach, The Ferry Journey and the Long Walk

If you don’t know, water-transport is pretty popular in Australia. Around Sydney there are Ferry Stations to reach other points in the country. One such point of attraction where you can reach through the Ferry, is the ‘Manly beach’ . It takes a 40 minute long Ferry ride from Circular Quay ( very near to The Opera House). 

The Ferry Journey

We had to take an initial 10 minute Ferry ride from Darling Harbour to reach the Circular Quay. There were all-day passes for 23$ available in the station, we get to use it any number of times in any bus or ferry for 24 hour. Once we reached the Circular Quay Ferry station we took the 40 minute long Ferry to the Manly beach. The journey was a beauty, we get to see the Opera house up close in a different view. The Ferry stops right near the manly beach. There is a 10 minutes walk to the beach.On the way there are several shops and activities that tourists would love to explore. Surfing, is a common activity in Manly beach, many shops nearby sell the accessories for Surfing. 

Reaching the Manly Beach

We reached the beach very quickly and enjoyed the view for sometime. There were people 200 meters into the beach waiting for the waves to surf.  This was the most common activity there. 

Our target was to reach the tip of the distant hill in this photo. We did reach.

Walking to the Hills

We continued walking through the costal border to the Blue-drive area, in about 20 minutes we walked through a smaller beach where people were engaged in scuba diving and making barbecue. Expecting a breath-taking view from a nearby hill we continued, taking the uphill journey.  Again it was 20 minutes walk up the hill through a small walk-way among the dense bushes. Finally we reach the highest place on that area, from where we had amazing view of the Manly beach and a whole large portion of the city behind it. We decided to walk back to the Circular Quay following the most accessible path as close as possible to the costal border. Now, that decision really paid off. Luckily, the walk-ways through the bushy region are well maintained and we had the chance to be quite close to the nature. At times we’d reach residential towns in the area and disappear into the nearest walk-ways to the bushes. 

The beach with scuba diving 

A Surprising view of Collins Beach

Just as we to a steep slope among the walk-way we were surprised to find ourselves in the most beautiful place we’ve seen so far in Australia ‘The Collins Beach’. Its very small beach covered with trees and hill on both sides yet providing an excellent view of the beach. There is a spring water flowing through the rocks in the corner and joining to the sea. We spent a while there for lunch. 
We continues to walk till we reached the Manly Beach Ferry Point. 
Collin's beach

Panorama shot of the collins beach

Ferry Back to Circular Quay

We took a Ferry back to the Circular Quay. Now, this journey was better than the one we had in the morning. It was a great weather and we could see the beautiful sunset near the bridge and The Opera House on all its glory. 

Beautiful, but not real. Possibly a prank by someone.

View from the hill tip

View from the hill-top

Reaching residential towns in between

Spring in the collin's beach

Sights on our walk back to the Ferry point

Another sight on our walk back to the Ferry point

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Places to travel in Sydney - Day 1 - The Opera House

If you are in Sydney the first place to see is the iconic Opera House. Does it take a whole-day visit? Well not really if you're in a rush, you could just have a glance and move on to other places like Botanical garden or Bondi beach. But if you have time and you love eating/drinking you've enough things to keep you pinned to the place for a day. There were two of us in the journey, and we started from our apartment in Pyrmont, Sydney.  Our journey started by 11 am . It was a 20 minutes walk. 

The hop-on hop-off buses every 10 minutes ( 40$ for 24 hour pass)

In Sydney there are red hop-on hop-off buses that circle through the main attractions in the city every 10 minutes. It costs 40$ for a 24 hours pass. You can hop-on and hop-off any number of times. We were tempted for the take one of those but we finally decided to take the walk and reach Opera. 

Walking to the places around the Opera House

It's better not to go near the Opera House as soon as you spot it. Keep it for later in the evening. Just take some selfies from far with the Opera House as the background and walk over to The Rocks an area near by the Opera House and climb over to the huge bridge near-by when you finish exploring the Rocks. 

The Rocks 

This is place a with lots of exhibitions, stalls and small but very good hotels/bars. You get to see a variety of rare stalls with Australian-crafts like Boomerangs and Fresh water pearl jewellery. You could walk around and enjoy seeing the stalls or buy some stuffs that interests you.

Climbing the Bridge

Way to the bridge top
 There is a special program called 'Brige Climb' that takes you to the top of the massive bridge ( that is a paid trip costing around 150$). But, thats not what I meant here, you actually have a normal stair to the bridge and from the top you'll get a better view of the Opera House for another selfie. From there walk through the fly-over road extended from the bridge that leads to the Opera-House. 

Selfie from the bridge 

Finally reaching the Opera House

Once we reached the Opera House, we were amazed by it's architectural expertise and the way it stood surrounded by water on 3 sides.. There is a long Opera Kitchen and Opera Bar just in front of the building. In the Kitchen you can get a variety of special seafood and other amusing delicacies.  In the Opera Bar most of the tables were filled with people enjoying the view. The place have as many Silver Sea Gulls as humans, they are typical chip stealers and come near you very casually expecting to have a pick from your meal. There, near the waters, enjoying the architectural marvel and the beautiful sunset you can relax and spend a few hours having tasty food and drinks.

Bridge view from Opera House


Thursday, 5 June 2014

How To Split A Pdf File Without any Online tools

The solution I'm going to describe striked me just as I was impatiently waiting for a 50MB pdf to be uploaded to an online tool that can split my pdf and give me the portion I need as another downloadable file. Why the mess? See below:

Chrome Saves the Day!

If you have Chrome there is an Option in Chrome to 'Print to PDF'. All you have to do is the following:

Right click the PDF document and Open With -> Chrome

In the Chrome go to File -> Print 

Choose the Destination as 'Save as PDF' 

Choose the Pages you need to print Eg: 0-200

Click Save.

Done. Now you have split your pdf successfully without uploading it online or downloading a separate software to do it. :)
Split PDF files Without any Online Tools

Saturday, 23 November 2013

How to get Keynote, Pages and Numbers for free in older Macs

On October 2013 Apple made the whole Mac OS X free and gave away the cool apps Keynote, Pages and Numbers for free with the OS. Anyone who purchased a Mac after October 1st 2013 has an option to get this deal. But, sadly the buyers before October 1st were left out. They still have to pay to get it from app store. If you are one among them, worry not. I am going to share the trick to get absolutely free on your old Mac OS X machine. All you have to do is download the Trial version of iWork suite for free from any 3rd party provider. Install it and then, you'll be shown and option to upgrade it to full version for free in your App Store. Follow the simple steps to do this : 

1. Download the iWork '09 Trial (dmg file) from Softpedia link . Click Download and click External Mirror 1 . You have to download this from softpedia because Apple doesn't support Trial downloads of Apps any longer. 

2. Go to your System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General -> Change Allow apps downloaded from  to Anywhere

3. When the download is complete double click the dmg file and install the iWork '09 Trial. 

4. Once the installation is finished wait for a few seconds and open your App Store in Mac and click the Updates section. Now you can see that 3 new updates for Pages, Keynote and Numbers appear on the list. Update them and you can enjoy all 3 incredible apps free for life.

Get Keynote, Pages and Numbers for free in older macs

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