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I'm Live Blogging : AndroidWear and Good Programming Practices - Google Developer Group Trivandrum DevFest 2014

Android Wear Notifications done for android apps will automatically come to the AndroidWear without any extra coding.

Main UI

Stacks Pages - Multiple Glancable PagesReplies - Via Voice Commands etc
Development Option

Make Apps Specifically For AndroidWear
Most apps will have a companion app in wear and main app in phone.

SOLID - Principles of OOP
Robert C. Martin ( Uncle Bob)

Agile Software Development: Principle, Patterns and Practices

Google compute engine There was a over view of less heard about technology - Docker. This is massively helpful for sys admins to spin up vm's and deploy quickly. Rapidly reduces the total turn around time. 


Blogs mentioned to read

I'm Live Blogging : Polymer, Webcomponents - Google Developer Group Trivandrum DevFest 2014

Overview Started (by +Arun Shanker Prasad ) with a slight intro and kicked-off with an overview of a data science application that was built by the Qburst (Company) team. And then moved over to Web Components and Polymer. Parser Combinators for Event DetectionPresenter :+Navin Philip , Associate Architect, Qburst
A beautiful project data-crunching app that utilises the Theory of Computation to verify and quantify different hypothesis and give useful results. Had a quick demo. d Web Presenter : Shyam, Qburst Why Web Components?You could import/export encapsulated custom components. There are 4 main technologies in web components.
Eg:  Make a Facebook like button without importing javascript. Include maps in a page.
Polymer , X-tags( (Mozzila), Bosonic (Independent)  TemplatingNew templating tags in html. <templating> </tempating> 
HTML ImportsLoads custom element and resoureces In node.js npm  install -g vulcanize g…