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Places to travel in Sydney - Day 2 - Manly Beach, The Ferry Journey and the Long Walk

If you don’t know, water-transport is pretty popular in Australia. Around Sydney there are Ferry Stations to reach other points in the country. One such point of attraction where you can reach through the Ferry, is the ‘Manly beach’ . It takes a 40 minute long Ferry ride from Circular Quay ( very near to The Opera House). 

The Ferry JourneyWe had to take an initial 10 minute Ferry ride from Darling Harbour to reach the Circular Quay. There were all-day passes for 23$ available in the station, we get to use it any number of times in any bus or ferry for 24 hour. Once we reached the Circular Quay Ferry station we took the 40 minute long Ferry to the Manly beach. The journey was a beauty, we get to see the Opera house up close in a different view. The Ferry stops right near the manly beach. There is a 10 minutes walk to the beach.On the way there are several shops and activities that tourists would love to explore. Surfing, is a common activity in Manly beach, many shops nearby sell the a…

Places to travel in Sydney - Day 1 - The Opera House

If you are in Sydney the first place to see is the iconic Opera House. Does it take a whole-day visit? Well not really if you're in a rush, you could just have a glance and move on to other places like Botanical garden or Bondi beach. But if you have time and you love eating/drinking you've enough things to keep you pinned to the place for a day. There were two of us in the journey, and we started from our apartment in Pyrmont, Sydney.  Our journey started by 11 am . It was a 20 minutes walk. 
The hop-on hop-off buses every 10 minutes ( 40$ for 24 hour pass)
In Sydney there are red hop-on hop-off buses that circle through the main attractions in the city every 10 minutes. It costs 40$ for a 24 hours pass. You can hop-on and hop-off any number of times. We were tempted for the take one of those but we finally decided to take the walk and reach Opera. 

Walking to the places around the Opera House
It's better not to go near the Opera House as soon as you spot it. Keep it for late…

How To Split A Pdf File Without any Online tools

The solution I'm going to describe striked me just as I was impatiently waiting for a 50MB pdf to be uploaded to an online tool that can split my pdf and give me the portion I need as another downloadable file. Why the mess? See below:

Chrome Saves the Day!
If you have Chrome there is an Option in Chrome to 'Print to PDF'. All you have to do is the following:
Right click the PDF document and Open With -> Chrome
In the Chrome go to File -> Print 
Choose the Destination as 'Save as PDF' 
Choose the Pages you need to print Eg: 0-200
Click Save.
Done. Now you have split your pdf successfully without uploading it online or downloading a separate software to do it. :)