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Database Design For Google App Engine - Tutorial

Are you looking for app engine database designing tutorials in the Internet? Well unfortunately there is very few information about it out there. Most of them are generic in nature, praising the stale common features of cloud computing we've heard over and over again - scalability, fast, non-relational stuffs in general etc. I kept searching for hours to find that most of the results were not useful to make a real world applications in GAE, and finally stumbled on some very valuable sources and techniques from several sources and gathered a final concepts you need to know to model data in Google app engine. I'll share it very comprehensively in this tutorial so that you don't need to gather it from different places as I did.

I'm quite experienced in relational database ( Oracle and MySQL) previously. I've been trying to design a product in Google App Engine since they provide free Java hosting. It was then that I got stuck wondering how to design my tables and schem…