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Building Android Applications with Google App Engine

It's been very exciting time for programmers these days with lots new stuffs to play around with. Today I'm going to try out building and android application and with Google App Engine as the backend.Download and install the GPE for Juno .  I've already written the blog entry till this point. Next my aim is to do the steps instructed in the link below. I'll scribble down things to note as and when it happens.

More than this link. I'll be focusing on this video they did during Google I/O 2012.

Here is the secret link to download all the codes of Google I/O 2012 .

1. I installed mercurial in my Ubuntu to clone the codes I found at the repo link given above.
    To install mercurial in Ubuntu just type in "sudo apt-get install mercurial" in the terminal.

2. Google does a wonderful job of generating most of  the …

Best Places To Eat at Trivandrum

Are you searching for the most amazing places to eat at Trivandrum? Well, this article is a collection of places from where I've carried the taste after eating. All of them are located in Trivandrum. There is no specific focus for a single kind or restaurant, I've written about the latest hot-spot cafes to ethnic and traditional places at the heart of the city and people for decades.
General Places Azad Hotel Azad Hotel is a hotel-chain all over India and they are one of the best hotels in Trivandrum too. They claim to have introduced the popular dish 'biriyani' in India. However, they provide a good ambience and tasty food. There are all kind of popular non-vegetarian dishes available here. They have a long tradition of serving quality food and that's what makes them the best. There are
Zam Zam This is the most sought after destination in city for the best cooked chicken dishes. The 'Shawai' is the all time best seller of Zam Zam. It's very rushy alwa…