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Poovar Island In Kerala - Backwater Cruise Review

Even being a native of Thiruvananthapuram, I haven't went to many of the tourist attractions in here. Lately, I've decided to look up at least some of the most popular places and it was by chance that I got an opportunity to visit Poovar Isaland. It was nearly a 50 km ride from my place but we enjoyed all the way till there.

Once we reached there, it was nirvana! We were on a beach with sea on one side, where we could see the beautiful sunset, and backwaters a little forward on the the other side. The borders of backwaters followed a random curved path and were surrounded by lush green trees and bushes. The sinking sun's dark-orange rays passed through the clouds and hit the tides and moist land in front of it and made us feel that we were staring at some gold island. Later, the tourist guide Mr. Michel explained to us that this beach is also referred as the Golden Sand beach because of this magnificent effect of the sun.
The crowd of crows were unusually larger than other…

Asus Zenbook becomes the World's new Thinnest Ultrabook

Asus Zenbook is regarded as the one of the most marvelous engineering feat when today's class of Ultrabooks are concerned. All of it's details are designed with beauty in mind and a beast like performance behind. It has overthrown the current position of Acer S5 and became the  'World's new thinnest Ultrabook'. Not only Asus Zenbook, but there is a range of Ultrabooks from manufacturers like Sony, Dell and HP coming up with similar and smaller ultrabooks.

The Asus Zenbook comes loaded with elegant features that suit the actual human needs of the perfect technology and style blend. It has a 2-sec boot time and SSD harddisk that makes it stand out. One thing I found was, you could get the same configurations of  an Apple Macbook Air in the Asus Zenbook line for upto $200 cheaper price. If you pay the price of an Macbook Air for Zenbook you'd get a machine with a lot more features extra.

With great features and simplicity blend hopes are high that the Ultrabooks w…

Installing the Google Plugin for Eclipse Juno in Ubuntu

I have been using the Eclipse Indigo in Ubuntu for a long time. Recently, I decided to start with the all new Eclipse Juno. It's faster than the previous Eclipse Indigo and the UI is much much improved. I do most of my developments with Google products like Google App Engine and Android platforms. The following steps could be followed if you want to install the entire Google Plugins for Eclipse Juno in Ubuntu. To avoid the whole mess of downloading and installing together, we'll do all the possible downloading part beforehand and then go ahead with the installation part.

Download Eclipse Juno for Linux.Download the Android sdk for Linux and extract it. Download the latest archive of Google Plugins of Eclipse. Just download and unzip it, don't proceed to installation.Download the App Engine SDK for Java. We are done with all the offline downloads possible. Now we move on to the installation part. It's a cake-walk if you follow the following steps 'in sequence'.S…

Hibernate Reverse Engineering Tutorial For Eclipse To Generate Java Classes From Oracle db

This tutorial will lays the ground work and help you learn how to generate your corresponding java entity classes from the database tables alone. Generating the java classes form the db schema via hibernate reverse engineering tools could save you tons of time if you're setting up a new project. I haven't rewritten the steps that's already published by someone, but I've organized them in a way that will be 'practically' helpful for any newbie who cannot get it right directly from the tutorials I've mentioned here. This is more of a kind a log of things I actually did while I referred these tutorials.

1. Download hibernate tools, only tools. From this tutorial in to install hibernate tools.
2. Create a java project 'HibernateExample'.

3. Do the steps mentioned in to generate the code from with hibernate.

4. Select the jar file (ojdbc.jar) from lib folder of apache tomcat if required.

5. Click on 'Test Connection' and confirm…

Learn Java Programming in Google App Engine | Ninja Training

Do you want to become a Google App Engine Java Ninja? I'm so impressed by this revolutionary technology so much that I explored into the most useful resources that will help you understand and code on this gold mine ( Google App Engine ).  I've been experimenting with several applications in GAE over a period of 1 year and have done so much that I could have never even though of doing without setting up a paid java server. I did all that in the free quota provided by Google App Engine. For now, here, I'm going to provide you with some of the most useful resources and websites from which you could learn to code on Google App Engine. The basic concept's would be.

1. Deploying your own sample application in Google App Engine
2. Learning more about the Google datastore
3. Understanding deeper about the JPA and JDO implementation possibilities in Google App Engine
4. Deploying Java applications done in the framework of your preference ( Eg. done in struts)

Resources to learn Jav…

Ubuntu Wireless Internet Not Working in Dell Mini

Wireless Internet have always been troublesome for me from the day I installed the Ubuntu 10.04 first in my Ubuntu. Those days the problem was that Ubuntu 10.04 didn't have the wireless drivers for Dell Mini ( Realtek/Broadcom). But then after a while when the Ubuntu 12.04 was out I upgraded to it and wireless drivers started working. Then later one day, for once, I turned off the wireless connection with the F2 key to connect using my LAN cable. The next thing I know is, I cant roam around with my dell mini because the wireless internet could not be enabled again. I got stuck with the whole LAN connection thing.

The Ubuntu 12.04 doesn't support turning back on the wireless internet once its turned off for dell mini.

 I lived with it for a few months and lately I searched all over the internet to see if anybody have fixed the issue. Fortunately, I found several solutions scattered out in the internet forums and guess what, one of them works!

The forum link with the solution for…