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Samsung Galaxy S3 In India Price and Feature Review

Now you can buy Samsung Galaxy S3 in India too.The official price of Samsung Galaxy S3 in India is Rs 43,180. But you can get it for a cheaper price from some of the online stores. The lowest prices of Samsung Galaxy S3 is so far Rs 38,900  as offered by At the time of writing this, (a spice group venture) offers an additional  Rs 1000 money back when you write a reivew for this product after purchase. Sites like, and are also offering it for Rs 38,900.

Exclusive features of Samsung Galaxy S3

The smart-phone that rivals iPhone is loaded with tons of features and have the best in class available hardware. Many of the features are not found in most of the other smart phones. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has full HD front camera (supports a range of video playback), Voice recognition as good as the iPhone Siri, amazing features like eye-tracking to keep the screen on, buddy photo share - that allows you to share the photos with all the fri…

JavaScript Ads Injected by Asianet Dataline (ISP) Kerala

Asianet Dataline one of the leading Internet Service Providers in Kerala’s is now injecting JavaScript pop-up advertisements to the customer browsers.I directly inquired with their customer service and they've acknowledged the issue. JavaScript ad injection has been happening within all the customers subscribed for the unlimited data plans. I told them that this is a severe privacy breach as ads are being shown even when I’m logged into sites including financial transactions. True, the ads won’t be shown when the connection with another site is HTTPS, but that happens with most of the sites only when you click the ‘Make Payment’ button of most of the site, still the normal logged in session is vulnerable. This un-ethical approach cannot be identified by a normal user as there is no acknowledgement shown from Asianet that ads are shown by them. A normal customer thinks that he's just bugged by some site he visited. Eventually, they offered me (anyone who identify thi…

Best Bluetooth Keyboard for Blackberry Playbook | Logitech Tablet Keyboard for Andorid 3.0+

I’ve been using the Blackberry Playbook for quite few months now and I should say its an remarkably versatile device for anyone who love multitasking. Getting an external bluetooth keyboard for the Blackberry Playbook just enabled me use it like an amazing laptop with touchscreen. Fortunately, the (pseudo) brand market competition forced Blackberry to bring down the price for Blackberry up to 30% less than its initial price. Now, we’ve got a tablet with HD screen, 7 hours battery backup and an App Store with plenty of HD Games and Apps for cheap price, all with the Blackberry Playbook that cost around $200 now.

I did plenty of research about the best keyboards for Blackberry Playbook, most of the keyboard reviews where out-dated. The initial OS of Playbook didn’t support a lot of bluetooth keyboards but from OS 2.0 updates ( which is a mandatory update for all the Playbooks) things changed and a lot more devices were supported. There weren't much reviews about the new…