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Hunting The Best Programmers in Kerala

Today India is so much focused on IT that almost 80% of the graduates are absorbed right away into IT companies soon after they pass-out. The fun part is, it doesn't even matter what stream they graduated in, but they are working in 'IT'. As a matter of fact, it's horrendous to interpolate about the other core industrial R&D future of India. I really hope the situation change and people start realizing the potential in doing what they love.

This scenario led me to explore weather real-passionate programmers exist in Kerala ( myself positioned being just a curious novice coder ). Students who set a part of their life for FOSS, those who love playing with API's found around the Internet, those who code for the fun of it and not for the hefty CTC wating at the MNCs. The search didn't disappoint me.

The 'Code Jam 2011' coding contest conducted by in Kerala last year (2011) brought some very dedicated programmers to the public. If you are stude…

Graduation Day - A Reunion of Lifetime Friends

Finally after four years of study and toil, we got our degree certificates few days back.  And now we are all computer engineers ! Although it wasn't such an totally pleasant environment in our college there were several other things that changed us and made us what we are today. Of them,  one thing regarding me was the exciting journey through the world of computer science. Choosing my subject of passion have made me enjoy learning every bit of it. Another thing was that I was fortunate enough to meet some of the best friends I have in this world. They have amazed me in every way of their living and brought out the better human being in me. We forged a lot of life-time relationships on the go, now we know we are not gonna part any time soon.I feel I've learned a lot and gained a lot from there more than I would have from anywhere else.  Of course, Tirunelveli is a hot place, but you've got lot of good places to live and stay at Tirunelveli.

Kudos to each of the nice people…

Developing Facebook Applications In PhpFog

I've experimented developing facebook applications in several newly emerged venues, namely,
Goolge App Engine ( Java )Heroku ( Php ) I got the chance to explore these cloud platforms very deep and learned a lot on the way. For some reason or the other, none of them met my requirements ( they were quite vast :P ) . Now, I've got an account into and done with quite a few testing. So far, I feel it's the best cloud platform ( PaaS ) for facebook applications in php.

Good Sides of PhpFog

I felt the Git usage from linux is easier in than heroku
Allows all Image manipulation functions ( i.e. supports GD library )

It's quite easy to get started with a new facebook application in phpfog.

1. Sign-up at phpfog
2. Create a cloud
3. Create an application  --> Choose Facebook application from the list of presented applications
4. Download it with the Git

That was just an overview, detailed steps are described in their documentation very neatly.

I got a worki…