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Kindle Fire Launched- The Tablet From Amazon

It's raining tablets! The days are not far when you use your laptops and smartphones like current Desktop systems. Tablets have exhibited immense potential in the technology market worldwide. I should say, the suitable environment for Tablets were very much influenced by the Android Operating System initiated by Google.
Okay the new stuff I want to let you know is the Pre-order launch of Amazon's exclusive tablet 'Kindle Fire' . Before the inventions of tablets, Amazon was a world leader in selling ebook reader named 'Kindle' that read pdf and ebook files etc. The Kindle ebook readers looked very similar to present day tablets. Today they've caught up with the real tablets too. On Nov 15th 2011, Amazon will launch 'Kindle Fire' the tablet with great capacities like dual-core processors and cloud storage. Pre-orders are open for Kindle Fire since October and have already reached record sales. I guess this is a must-have tablet for this Christmas seas…

Bestselling Books To Travel New York

New York is definitely one of the coolest places to visit in the United States. What impress me about New York is the excellent blend of rural and urban lifestyle in New York. The New York state is not to be confused with the New York City ( which is one of the 62 cities inside the state). Apart from the most modern urban culture of New York City, the majority of rest of the cities are forests, farms , mountains and rivers. It’s the 3rd most populous state and 27th largest State in US. The largest park in United states Adirondack Park is also a highlight of New York. Besides, these facts there are a lot of beautiful places to see in the New York.

Here I’ve compiled a list of some of the best books to travel in New York. This could be a considerable time-money saver if you are planning to visit New York. You can search for more of it from the New York Books online store.

Streetwise Manhattan Subway MapFrommer’s NYC Free and Dirt Cheap Not For Tourist Guides To New YorkBest Thi…

Firefox Shortcuts A Webdesigner Must Know

For ages I've been dreaming of kick-starting 30 day challenges as matt-cutts do. And every month end I keep saying myself to start it off the 1st day of the coming month. Well it has been 4 months I had been thinking like that and now since I realized its not happening, I slightly changed my plan. Today, Oct 6th 2011, I begin my 30-day challenges. I'll try to take up a new simple challenge at the beginning of every month and keep doing it all 30 days till the month ends. And my first challenge is " Learn One Firefox Browser Shortcut a Day" - Operating the touchpad of a netbook to navigate while browsing is a nightmare. Learning browser shortcuts are the easiest workaround for this. Well I don't promise to learn exactly 30 shortcuts I've to see where it ends.It heavily boost up your navigation speed. I plan to study one shortcut a day from the Official Firfox Shortcuts link (for linux) and practice it initially 9 times, and then forever as I get used to it.


OpenReality (De) Bugging

Error 1

How to Reset Password in Joomla / Open Reality or any other CMS via MySQL Running in XAMPP

If you are trying to run some demo CMS like Joomal or Drupal (Open Reality in my case) you might get stuck at the place where you need to enter the admin password and user name at th
e backend. They send you the initial password to the email address you provide. Since, you run the whole thing with localhost as your server you wont be able to send/receive emails.


 The workaround is that you can reset the password of the reset admin password by using the md5 function in MySql. (source)