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Stepping Into My First Career - Stabilix, Trivandrum

Hi everyone,
Thank you so much for all of your concern, support and prayers on my job hunt. I finally got selected at Stabilix technologies(, at Trivandrum, Technopark as a software trainee ( Java ). Although, I had an initial discomfort to accept the offer, now I've made up my mind to go ahead and accept it. It's an SEI CMM Level 5 company that mostly do software projects in health care and insurance area. They have operations in U.S and Saudi Arabia. The company takes me for a 3 year bond, which they have unofficially promised to dissolve it if I'd like to take up higher studies after 2 years. God willing, if everything goes well I'll be joining on 15th September as an employee there.

By the way, for those of you who were with me in NIMS. I met Jeffry John today at Technopark. I witness the the terrible fate of a software programmer after 4 months of entry into a company. He says, leaving the office at 10.30- 11.00 pm is common for them now and he's finding the Java-things difficult ( He was EC, I'm sure he'll crack the java-problem soon(jeffry=nerd) ). He was soooo abnormal. I felt he'd drifted away in the sea of java codes. I was merely able to find inter-connections between the things he spoke to me.  When I gave an idea of launching a start-up software firm to free his hectic programming life after 3 years. To my shock, he already had some odd, ideas like starting rubber plantations, banana farms and coir manufacturing. I stood still for a few secs unable to figure out what prompts a hard core java developer to thing of going back to the good old peaceful job. Perhaps I'd also be able to understand him better after I start my job. He had scared me off from approaching this profession that I almost e-mailed my HR to ask one day extension to join the job so that I could go in my right-mind for the last time and see all my friends once again before I get lost. I don't think she (HR) would allow that and still I'd try see some of you withing this few short days. For others whom I couldn't meet: wish me luck!


  1. Best wishes ma..
    Happy to hear...
    Do everything with steady & full heart...
    Take care..

  2. DUDE....didnt expect this much....:)
    ....Welcome aboard....


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