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Cloud Computing Certification - Among The Most Demanded IT Certifications Today

Ever since its concept formulation almost a decade back, the cloud computing technology has witnessed tremendous growth. Its impact have reached every nook and corner of the world. Kerala, as an emerging software importing hub, have huge potential in this aspect. The recent announcement of setting up cloud computing labs in IITM-K, Technopark is a harbinger of it's promise to the country. Scalability of cloud computing could enable educational institutions and universities to publish results without crashing the servers anymore. It's cost-cutting is a great factor that makes it a suitable infrastructure for small business start-ups.

By the growth of cloud computing, the competition for securing clients at the early stages have well matured today. All the major cloud computing companies like Google, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and VMware have their own cloud infrastructures ready for business. They've also launched their own exclusive cloud computing certification programmes managing the infrastructure.

Now, if you are a fresher, the question in your mind would be : will I be hired faster if I get Cloud Computing Certification? Well, if you are a fresher then I must say chances are very less . It's always good to be strong with the basics first. Cloud Computing Certifications so far are highly specialized for each company (like IBM, Vmware, RedHat etc). You wouldn't want to go ahead with a course unless you are sure you'll be working on that technology for the next few years. If you are already a professional and skilled in some of the technologies then you could find the best cloud computing certification suitable to your experience and get certified. That would be your next big promotion!

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