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Stepping Into My First Career - Stabilix, Trivandrum

Hi everyone,
Thank you so much for all of your concern, support and prayers on my job hunt. I finally got selected at Stabilix technologies(, at Trivandrum, Technopark as a software trainee ( Java ). Although, I had an initial discomfort to accept the offer, now I've made up my mind to go ahead and accept it. It's an SEI CMM Level 5 company that mostly do software projects in health care and insurance area. They have operations in U.S and Saudi Arabia. The company takes me for a 3 year bond, which they have unofficially promised to dissolve it if I'd like to take up higher studies after 2 years. God willing, if everything goes well I'll be joining on 15th September as an employee there.

By the way, for those of you who were with me in NIMS. I met Jeffry John today at Technopark. I witness the the terrible fate of a software programmer after 4 months of entry into a company. He says, leaving the office at 10.30- 11.00 pm is common for them now and he's …

Cloud Computing Certification - Among The Most Demanded IT Certifications Today

Ever since its concept formulation almost a decade back, the cloud computing technology has witnessed tremendous growth. Its impact have reached every nook and corner of the world. Kerala, as an emerging software importing hub, have huge potential in this aspect. The recent announcement of setting up cloud computing labs in IITM-K, Technopark is a harbinger of it's promise to the country. Scalability of cloud computing could enable educational institutions and universities to publish results without crashing the servers anymore. It's cost-cutting is a great factor that makes it a suitable infrastructure for small business start-ups.

By the growth of cloud computing, the competition for securing clients at the early stages have well matured today. All the major cloud computing companies like Google, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and VMware have their own cloud infrastructures ready for business. They've also launched their own exclusive cloud computing certification programmes man…

Facebook Application Development With Java In Google App Engine in Linux

Well, for some of you the title might seem weird. I've been recently very curious on facebook application development models. And my love for java and Google app engine have led me to explore whether facebook application development is possible in Java with Google App Engine. I've recently shifted my entire work-base to Ubuntu so the entire development process will be in Linux environment.Long back, facebook have officially stopped supporting java for developing facebook applications. However, some java freaks have created the library files that still supports facebook applications development in java parallel to the capability of php. Usually, 'python' is used to develop facebook applications in Google App Engine. I'm curious to find whether the same stuff can be done with java on Google App Engine. I'm just going to scratch the surface and do a trial. I'll try to stay posted this time.

Current Status:

I've eclipse 3.5 for Ubuntu installed from the Ubunt…

Sony Releases Tablets P and S - Rivals Ipad

Finally, Sony - one of the electronic gadget leaders, also made their mark in the Tablet world. Releasing two Sony tablet pc's S and P this September 2011 Sony have placed their bid to win the tide. Sony has always won the hearts of millions with PSP , Playstation, Vaio Laptops and Bravia Televisions. Now their late entry into the tablet industry signifies two things.

They have taken the time to focus on quality: The Sony tablet is the only one company currently able to challenge the quality and style of iPad. Quality is what made Apple iPad to stand against the numerous tablets released every month by almost all electronic companies. It's sure that Sony tablets are the only models that can win some iPad users to Android.

The Tablet era has only begun: Although many companies have released their own tablet versions. It's not pretty much finished yet, in fact not even started. The tablet industry has a lot to grow. It has a long and bright future. Recently, Govt. of India h…

Feed You Feet to the Fishes - A new growing pedicure system with garra rufa

Pedicure is one of the terms that's getting more popular in skin care these days. The present day's enhanced consciousness in beauty and skin care concepts have led to massive popularity for systems like pedicure, manicure, liposuction, rhinoplasty and the like. Pedicure is the treatments we do to keep our feet more smoother and softer.

Garra Rufa is a small kind of fish originated in Turkey. They eat up the dead part of the skin alone and leave the good skin as it is. These garra rufa pedicure system is getting more popular in UK, Japan and in overall Asia. It is banned in most of the States in US.

In addition to cleaning the feet . The garra rufa pedicure is also a successful treatment for psoriasis. Although there is huge potential for the marketing and application for garra rufa pedicure systems. It's sanity is greatly questioned. Clinically, tools should be thrown out after being used once on a patient. But these small little fishes cannot be thrown around like th…